Gupta, N. et al., PVsiRNAdb: A Database for Plant Exclusive Viral-derived small interfering RNAs. Database (Oxford). Volume 2018 Jan 1.

Welcome to PVsiRNAdb

PVsiRNAdb, is the plant exclusive database dedicated to virus-derived small interfering RNAs (vsiRNA), harboring information related to vsiRNA sequences from different viruses infecting different plants collected from published literature so far. This database contains a total of 322,214 entries and 282,549 unique vsiRNAs sequences derived from 20 different viral strains infecting 12 plants. This database is believed to be beneficial for exploring the complex domain of viral genetics and genomics, plant viral interactions and very useful for scientific community working on various silencing pathways. It will prove to be highly advantageous resource in the agricultural field for producing viral resistant transgenic crops.

The generation of vsiRNAs induces silencing of viral genomic RNA and triggers epigenetic modifications in DNA viruses, thereby leading to anti-viral defense response by the host plant. Sometimes virus may also target host transcript for counter defense.
Major Features of PVsiRNAdb
    Search: Simple Search allow the user to search for any field and display any field (e.g. Virus type, Plant species, PubMed ID, Tissue and Sequence-related information). Batch Search allow the user to search in PVsiRNAdb with a list of search terms (e.g. Plant, Virus or PubMed ID).
    Browse: It can be utilized by three modes viz. Virus-wise classification, Plant-wise classification, and PubMed ID-wise categorization.
    Tools: Several web based tools have been integrated into PVsiRNAdb that includes BLAST (for homology search), Smith-Waterman Aligner (for alignment based on Smith-Waterman algorithm) and Mapping (for mapping of vsiRNAs to user provided mRNA/Genomic DNA).
    Other features: Viral-derived siRNAs (vsiRNA) sequences with secondary structures, map positions, start-end, strand, target gene id and their annotation, virus name, genome, and strain, which will help the user to gain further information about vsiRNA sequences.
    Manual: Self-explanatory manual available at HELP section.

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