Bhardwaj R, Thakur JK* and Kumar S*. MedProDB: A database of Mediator proteins.
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal Volume 19, 2021, Pages 4165-4176.

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Mediator is a huge multisubunit complex that serves as a crucial component in the transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Mediator complex has emerged as an important regulatory component of class II gene expression and acts as an interface between the DNA bound transcription factors and RNA polymerase II.
MedProDB is the first database dedicated to Mediator protein in plants, fungi and animals. It harbors 33,971 entries of different types of Mediator subunits of various organisms. This database is believed to be beneficial for exploring the complex and rarely explored domain of Mediator proteins and its implications in all eukaryotic kingdoms. (Image source: Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue 8, 07 May 2019, Pages 3904–3920, Figure 6)

If you are using this database, please cite: Bhardwaj R, Thakur JK* and Kumar S*.
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, Volume 19, 2021, Pages 4165-4176.