If you are using this toolkit, please cite: Transfer RNA-derived non-coding RNAs (tncRNAs): Hidden regulation of plants' transcriptional regulatory circuits.
Zahra et al (2021) Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 19: 5278-5291

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Transfer RNA-derived small ncRNAs(tncRNAs) are 14-50 nucleotide length tRNA fragments responsible for the gene regulation at both transcription and translation levels. tncRNAs can be broadly classified into tRF-5, tRF-3(CCA), tRF-1, 5' tRH and 3' tRH(CCA), leader-tRF and other-tRF which are named according to the contributing portion of tRNA segment.
tncRNA Toolkit is a pipeline, designed for convenient identification of tncRNAs. It identifies the tncRNAs using small RNA sequencing datasets. It also provides detailed information related to each tncRNA entry viz. tncRNA type, tRNA information, position on tRNA, strand, sequence, length, read count, RPM and modification site.

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